Park & Rec Advisory Board meeting August 16, 2018

Project Updates:
    Stuart Beach dune walkway has been updated to meet ADA standards.
    $500,000.00 was spent on new fences around athletic fields at Halpatioke Park. These fences are 30 ft high, replacing fences that were lower but had netting to reach the same height. The netting had to be removed prior to any strong storms and frequently needed replacing.
    An 8 week plan will begin next month to update the interior of the Sand Dune Cafe in Jensen Beach.
    New beach access signs and trash cans have been placed at the beaches. Now all signs are in the same place and on one post.
Events and Activities:
    The Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken World Series events were successful. 320 games were played at MC parks and the feedback was positive. They will be returning in 2019 and hope to agree on future years. The guest tax received from area hotels paid for the maintenance of the fields by county staff. Staff had to be present for all games played on county fields.
UF/IFAS Extension update:
    4-H Kick Off event will be held at the fairgrounds Saturday, September 8. This event is free for all MC youth and families.
Sail Fish Splash update:
    The water park is now open Friday thru Sunday until Labor Day. After that, it’s only open on Fridays thru the end of September.
    Record sales were recorded for the month of July.
    Two MC high schools have started afternoon swim practices.
    Florida Spa and Pool Association Swimming and Diving Invitational will be held September    28 & 29.
    Ellis and Associates performed a unannounced audit of the park, and awarded it an “overall
exceeds expectations” rating.
Golf Course Update:
    Bids for restroom construction have been received and are being reviewed.
    Board member Rob Kloska has been meeting with Kevin Abate regularly and have agreed on phasing in plans for a more responsible and attainable clubhouse. They also agree there isn’t a demand for 36 holes, however the BOCC continues to request that.
Phipps Park update:
    The new boat ramp is completed and open and the piers are almost completed. There is no additional money for other improvements, however the park will be ready for seasonal folks.
New Business:
    Charlie Layton Park will be discussed at the Palm City NAC on August 20. Residents want  more boat-trailer parking , similar to Sand Sprit Park, and no athletic fields.
Next meeting is September 20, 2018