Your Donations To MCTA

How to Give

Contributions – both financial and volunteer service – make it possible for the Martin County Tax Payers Association (MCTA) to take on the role of watching where our tax dollars are being spent. It allows us to take on research initiatives to dig into the use of tax dollars, attend civic meetings, and to plan educational events that bring you in front of the people who make the decisions regarding our tax dollars.

In addition to our general donation, we have other ways through which to accept gifts and grants to support our countywide mission. The Martin County Taxpayers Association is designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization to which tax-deductible contributions may be made, as provided by law.

Things to know about your donation:

Gifts made to MCTA will be used in their entirety, professionally managed, and only used for “Watch Dog” activities to protect and guide our tax dollars.

Contributors may use a combination of current and estate giving to make a personal commitment to MCTA.

Please contact us to discuss estate giving.