As we celebrate our nation’s independence this July 4th, it is important that we pause and reflect on the many tenets that make up the Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration of Independence, along with the Constitution are the most important documents in the history of the United States. It was written because many colonists were unhappy with a faraway Parliament making the laws that collected taxes but did not allow them the right to choose representatives to that body.  While our current taxation is certainly with representation in our system of elected government, it is easy to feel that the taxes collected from taxpaying citizens to fund government are much less of a priority today than it was to our forefathers.

This is especially true today with our strong economy and rising property values. Government budgets historically rise at greater pace than population growth and inflation rates. However, strong economies and rising property values don’t last forever. We must not wait for the next major recession to question government spending and to assure that it is in line and efficient.

Today’s government budgets across all areas include an increasing number of “nice to have” items versus “must have” items or simply stated, wants versus needs. Are there programs and services that are better provided by the private sector, or can we look for ways to deliver the same level of service in a more efficient manner? There is plenty of room for improvement.

As we move further into the 2020 election cycles, it is critical that voters understand exactly where each candidate stands on the issue of taxes and government spending. The rising cost of government is an issue that is easily overlooked today and left to be dealt with in the years to come by someone else.

One of the principles of the Martin County Taxpayers Association (MCTA) is the belief that an educated public together with engaged citizens leads to a more effective and efficient government. Only financially sound decision-making by our elected officials is acceptable.

MCTA is celebrating its 69th year of serving as the eyes and ears of the Martin County taxpayers. MCTA is a non-partisan, nonprofit 501(c)3 and is the oldest organization of its kind in the state of Florida. We strive to promote and advance the highest standard of government accountability and transparency. MCTA relies exclusively on member-funded support to advance the mission.

Please consider a membership to support of your Martin County Taxpayers Association.

Kevin Powers
Martin County Taxpayers Association