Project Updates:

  • Bathtub Beach is now open with new restrooms that have been relocated so they can’t wash away.
  • Two parks are under review. JV Reed and Zeus parks are in the early design stage for additional parking. JV Reed often has two different sports being played and parents are parking on lawns.
  • David Anderson Middle School multi-use fields are getting new grass before football in August. The county utilizes these fields and has an agreement for shared responsibilities for upkeep with the school board.
  • Hurricane damage to the tiki roof at Indian Riverside Park has been repaired.

Events & Activities:

  • Summer camps will be starting soon. Children’s Services Council funds all but one camp. That camp is in Jensen Beach and requires campers to pay to attend.
  • Music at the Mansion will continue June 3rd.
  • Sand Dune Cafe held a Mother’s Day brunch, with 85 people attending. They will offer a Father’s Day bbq on June 17.
  • Sail Fish Splash Park is open on Weekends from 10:30 to 5pm and will open 7 days a week on May 25.
  • Children’s Services Council will provide 130 swim lessons for qualified MC families.
  • The park is hosting the Special Olympics Swim Club every Saturday morning through the summer.
  • They will also host the 2018 Treasure Coast Aquatic’s Summer Slam swim meet June 8-10.

Martin County Golf Course update:

  • Women’s Golf Day is June 5th.
  • After a presentation to the BOCC regarding the golf course, the board informed Kevin Abate that the board wants 1) compete control; 2) improved course conditions;3) reduced size of the clubhouse and 4) reduced size of the cart barn.
  • This advisory board stated they want better communication with the Golf Course Advisory Council and wants to appoint a liaison to that council. Several members stated they would talk to their county commissioners about this.

Next meeting is scheduled for June 21, 2018.