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scottJune 11, 2013-- Gov. Rick Scott has until June 25 to decide the fate of a bill representing a simmering argument between big business and local control. HB 655 would ban local governments from requiring employers to provide sick-leave benefits for their workers. Republican lawmakers unanimously passed the measure.

IRSmoneyJune 6, 2013--Lawmakers pummeled the IRS on Thursday for spending millions of the taxpayer dollars it collected on lavish conferences, with one Republican calling the behavior "maliciously self-indulgent." 

The IRS was summoned to a House oversight hearing to explain how it blew through $50 million on conferences between 2010 and 2012, including spending more than $4 million on a single California

scottJune 6, 2013--'Outraged' Miami-Dade politicians tell Scott to veto 'unconscionable' sick-time bill

More than a dozen local politicians from Miami-Dade County—including Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado—say they are “outraged” that the Florida Legislature wants to pass down another mandate on local governments.

mcsdMay 11, 2013--Are you supportive of the Governor’s approved plan for an across the board increase for all teachers at the cost of 480 million? And the proposal to allow districts to develop criteria for performance based increases from $2600 to $3500? Most people are, but before you throw your support behind these proposals, let’s make sure they are a part of a well thought out approach -and not for political reasons alone.   

scottJune 8, 2013--In a recent article, “Scott Fails Yet Another Test” (Palm Beach Post Sunday, June 2, 2013) Randy Schulz, the Editor, scorches the governor for insisting on applying his proposed drug testing of all 85,000 executive branch employees. Apparently the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agrees with him and ruled the policy as ‘unconstitutional.”  The MCTA also agrees that the policy was too broad and also too expensive. 

stLucieMay 7, 2013--MARTIN COUNTY — The Army Corps of Engineers could begin releasing water from Lake Okeechobee into the St. Lucie Estuary at 7 a.m. Wednesday.

Local runoff has been pouring through the St. Lucie Locks on the C-44 Canal

mcsdMay 25, 2013--As reported in the Stuart News (May 23, 2013) in the School District board meeting of May 22, 2013, the board decided to cut pay and reduce staff in order to meet the projected budget shortfall.  Unfortunately, they still missed their target. But, they did decide  to close the Martin County High School swimming pool.  While we agree on closing the pool, we also believe the board should have sought other areas for cost reductions first.  For example.

MCTAApril 27, 2013--Over the past 5 years Martin County has done a stellar job in reducing its expenses.  At a time when Ad Valorem revenue has dropped significantly, Martin County has reduced staff, staved off salary increases, and for the most part continues to provide reasonable levels of service.