mcfrAugust 24, 2013--Martin County Board of Commissioners tentatively approved the building of a $2.5 million dollar training facility based on the Fire Rescue Department’s request for its own training facility in order to achieve better training results.  It appears that the funding of this project will include using ambulance fee revenues over a period of years. The MCTA’s initial reaction was to oppose the project and to continue using the Ft. Pierce facility. 

StatePensionsPigAugust 3, 2013--The bankruptcy of the City of Detroit should be a lesson to all.  The primary reason for the demise of this once proud and economically powerful city is the 18 billion dollar debt in unfunded pension benefits for police and fire fighters.  Now fast forward to Florida.

flying-moneyJuly 19, 2013--Florida business organizations in favor of new laws to collect sales tax on items purchased online -- with offsetting tax cuts elsewhere -- touted a study Friday from renowned conservative economist Art Laffer showing that collecting the tax and implementing cuts would create as much as 107,000 direct and indirect jobs in the state.

MCBOCCJune 22, 2013--America is a country of laws.  Some say too many laws.  Those who want to use these laws to make their case for social, economic, or political justice often test our legal system. Others use the law to harass and test the system beyond the means for which it was intended.  Here in Martin County we have a good example of where groups, who have agendas that are sometimes in question, are engaged in the endless pursuit of trying to impose their will on others, costing taxpayers dearly. 

mcsdJuly 6, 2013--On May 25, we published a column with proposals to the Martin County schools superintendent and School Board for cutting costs in some of the district’s high-cost centers before cuts are made in the staff and programs of lesser value. In advance of the publication of our column and the scheduled meeting of the board to consider cost-cutting measures, we sent a copy to the superintendent and board for their consideration.

scottJune 11, 2013-- Gov. Rick Scott has until June 25 to decide the fate of a bill representing a simmering argument between big business and local control. HB 655 would ban local governments from requiring employers to provide sick-leave benefits for their workers. Republican lawmakers unanimously passed the measure.