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Media Release

January 28, 2014

On Tuesday, January 28, 2014, the Martin County Board of Commissioners approved the issuance of a proclamation recognizing the 64th anniversary of the Martin County Taxpayers Association (MCTA). The MCTA is the oldest taxpayers’ association in the State of Florida.

The association was founded on January 24, 1950, and its purpose was to be the guardian of the financial interests of County taxpayers in all matters involving the use of taxpayer dollars by local government.

As a nonpartisan organization, the mission of the association includes not only the monitoring of government, but the engagement of public officials community leaders and private organizations in assessing and measuring the financial outcome of current and future planned taxpayers’ dollars, but also investments at both the local and state government level.

The association has more than 350 members including business and nonprofit organizations and is also engaged in educating and informing all Martin County residents on important financial matter through its communications and public forums. The current president is Richard Geisinger, who presides over a board of 16 members who come from a variety of several different businesses, nonprofits and education institutions.

For further information contact Ronald C. Pilenzo, Vice President at Martin County Taxpayers Association, PO Box 741, Stuart, Florida 345995. Phone 772.288.0474. Website: