tallahassee-capitolFebruary 2012- MCTA recently sent a letter to the state legislators, with a set of recommendations for changes in the Florida Retirement System beyond what was changed last year, as well as recommendations involving changes in higher education. 

We sent a similar letter last year with some success. We were contacted by a couple of senators who supported our recommendations, but the changes did not go far enough to save taxpayers money. Therefore, taking up the governor on his word for more changes, we are proposing certain changes in the system. Although we continue to focus on Martin County, our charter and mission statement both suggest that we should be cognizant of what is happening in Tallahassee that will impact taxpayers of our County.  Thus, this letter sent to Gov. Scott, the Florida Senate, and the Florida House of Representatives. Please click on the link below to read a copy of the letter sent.

Dear Florida Legislature

Following the closing of the legislative session, the Governor's office sent the following response:

Governor Scott's Response