1. Membership Dues:
Membership dues are determined annually and renewal invoices sent to all members in advance of the expiration of their membership. Membership categories include regular individual, associate, supporter, patron, corporate and non-profit.  

2. How Are Your Articles Published:
MCTA articles are published in the local Treasure Coast Newspaper - the Stuart News, bi-monthly. Articles appear under the name of the President of the MCTA.

3. Annual Dinner:
The Annual Dinner Meeting is held in the first quarter of each year.  Elections are held as necessary at the Annual Meeting.  The elections include both board members and officers of the association who are elected by the Board of Directors.

4. Our Officers and Board Directors:
The bylaws of the association provides for the appointment and election of between 13 and 15 members. Each serves a maximum of two (2) three year terms.  However, board members can continue if confirmed by the Nominating Committee and the board itself. There is no limit on the number of terms that can be served.  Officers are also limited to two (2) three year terms.

5. Non-Payment of Dues:
Members will be notified at least 30 days in advance of the expiration date of their membership.  Each membership term is 12 months and are due for renewal on the anniversary date of the member’s first membership application.  

6. Privacy:
No membership data will be sold or otherwise provided to vendors, suppliers or mail order firms for the purpose of soliciting members for any reason.

7. Financial Statements:
An annual statement of the financial condition of the association will be published for all members on an annual basis by the Treasurer of the association. Any questions about the financial affairs of the association by members should be directed to the President or the Treasurer of the association in writing.  

8. Partnerships:
The MCTA may enter into informal relationships or coalitions with organizations such as other taxpayer associations in Florida, or public or private groups who have a commonality of interests and a common cause.  Each coalition will be determined on the basis of the reason for the coalition, the planned outcomes and the impact on taxpayers of Martin County.  

9. Volunteer Leaders:
The MCTA is managed by non-paid, volunteer leaders who are elected to the board or become officers of the association.  The association also seeks volunteers to join one or more of the various committees of the board.  All types of background and experience are valuable and members are encouraged to contact the association.  Non-members may join board committees but cannot chair these committees.

10. Fund Raising: 
From time to time, the association may engage in fund raising activities in order to provide funds for special events, expansion of our reserves and/or to provide funds for the operational needs of the association. All members are encouraged to participate in these events through contributions, the donation or sponsorship of events, providing gifts and/or awards, and the like.  

11. Grants:
The MCTA actively solicits grants or large donations from donors including individuals, corporations, government, and foundations.  Currently, the association has one special grant that is made annually in the amount of $5,000.00.   A special thank you and recognition of exceptional donors is encouraged and recognized by the MCTA, its board, and officers.

12. Outreach programs:
The MCTA actively encourages the use of outreach programs that are used to educate and communicate important legislative and tax events important to county taxpayers.  A speaker’s bureau is available to groups, including HOA’s that are interested in this information.