Dave Collier brings to the client over 30 years of county and city government management experience.  Since there is not much that he has not seen previously, Dave quickly produces efficient and effective solutions to problems for his clients.

One of Dave’s specialties is executive search.  With his many years of experience, he can quickly separate the wheat from the chaff and find the right person to join your senior staff or be your department head.  He also has successfully conducted organizational reviews, sessions in team building and strategic planning workshops.  Just as importantly, in this day and age of the pressure to lower taxes, he has developed strategies and action plans for coping with the tough financial problems that local government often experience.

Dave has overseen the recruitment and selection of a:

  • City Manager, Deltona, FL,
  • Police Chief in a large Maryland County,
  • City Manager, Maitland, FL,
  • Finance Director for a mid-sized Florida city,
  • Library Director for a progressive Florida county,
  • Airport Director and Human Resources Director of a large Michigan county,  and
  • Utilities Director for a Florida County.

While serving as City Manager of Stuart, Florida for 14 years, he:

  • Improved the professionalism of City Department Heads and staff through an emphasis on professional development and team building.
  • Used his hands-on management style to emphasize the need for effective project management and maintaining tight timelines in order to show citizens that the city government was effectively managed and had a strong commitment to its customers.

Prior to his Stuart position, Dave served as Assistant County Administrator in Martin County, FL and as County Administrator in Manatee County, FL, Johnson County, KS, and Kalamazoo County, MI.  He also had extensive experience in local government management consulting.

Mr. Collier earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and his Masters degree in Public Administration from the American University in Washington, D.C. He was a member of the International City/ County Management for over thirty years, served as President of the Maryland City Managers Association and the Florida Association of County Administrators. Mr. Collier is involved in his community as a member of the City of Stuart’s CRA Advisory Board and as a Director of Stuart’s Main Street Association.