My husband and I have lived in Florida for the past eight years. Seven of those years have been in Hobe Sound , at Lost Lake. We both have fallen in love with the area and consider ourselves Floridians.

I have been on the Executive Committee of the Martin County Republican Committee for four years. A little over two years ago myself and a small group of women founded the Martin Republican Women’s Federated, of which I am the President. The club has grown continually since it was founded and we are working toward our goal of one hundred members. We still have some to go but we are in reach of our goal. Our Federated Women’s Club is a part of a national organization, with many thousands of members, through out the United States. I am proud to say at our State Conference, this March, I was elected to serve on the Officers Selection Committee.

Previous to moving to Florida I lived in New York City, where I was active in many community, charitable and civic organizations. In 1985 I was the first women to run for Mayor of the City of New York. That was one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life. The last eight years of my career I was a Cabinet Member of the Giuliani Administration. I served in two different Commissionerships. The first was Commissioner of the Community Development Agency, which was responsible for allocating and monitoring the federal funds, for a vast array of programs. At the Mayors request, in an effort to save the taxpayers money, I merged the Division of Youth Services in with Community Development Agency , therefore reducing the cities budget share and raising the level of services to the city.

The second position I held for six years was The Chairman / Commissioner of The Taxi and Limousine Commission. I was responsible for licensing and regulating every facet of the Industry. Some 65 thousand Taxi Drivers, Inspections Sites. selling medallions, selecting the cars to be used as Taxis, and promulgating laws and rules for the industry. I had a mandate to completely overhaul the Taxi business, to be an actual regulator, in action not just words. The mission was to make New York City Taxis the best, the safest and most consumer friendly in the Country. With the strong backing of the Mayor this mission was accomplished.

Before the Giuliani years I was a New York State Commissioner for Crime Victims. It was the duty of the Commission to promulgate and get laws passed in the New York Legislature to protect crime victims and get them legal rights. We also compensated victims for their medical bills and lost wages. The laws and rules that were passed than are still in effect and protecting victim’s rights.

I came to government via the private sector, where I was a licensed insurance broker. I was the owner and CEO of my own brokerage, that specialized in high risk Insurance. At the same time I was the COO of a sister brokerage firm. I have a Bachelors of Science Degree, in Business Administration.

Most importantly my husband I are the parents of five wonderful children and ten fantastic grandchildren, for which we thank God everyday.